Why are you a huge fan of ‘The Avengers’?

In a post about the movie’s release, the subreddit /r/awesomenauts was rife with the sentiment that the characters were all the rage among fans.

“The Avengers” is a comic book superhero movie that was released in theaters in July.

It’s about a group of superheroes who are fighting to save the world from a villain named Ultron.

The plot focuses on the Avengers, but it also includes a number of other heroes and villains.

Redditors were excited to see the movie in theaters and some even called for its release in 2018.

But there was also a backlash against the movie and many people began calling for the movie to be pulled from theaters and replaced with a film based on another comic book.

The movie’s critics were also upset.

A post by a user called krypto3r3 wrote that the film was bad and should be avoided.

He went on to say that the Avengers movie would be bad because the characters aren’t all that good and it was bad because of the fact that the movie was set in the 1960s.

Another user, called tikitat5, wrote that there were many positives to the movie, but said it should be considered as a superhero movie, which it wasn’t.

He said that it was important to have a good story and to have characters that aren’t stereotypical, but that the story had been compromised by a lot of bad choices.

The post was removed from the subreddit in October, but the sentiment was revived by an even larger group of Redditors who called for the release of the film as soon as possible.