‘The only way to solve these cases is to make sure that everyone knows who the bad guys are’: Here’s how to stop a mass murder

Here’s what you need to know about mass shootings in the US.1.

They are a ‘precipitating factor’ for violence1.3.

Mass shootings are not a ‘random occurrence’1.4.

Mass shooting victims are disproportionately black, Hispanic and/or white1.5.

They happen at random or with no warning1.6.

Mass shooters have no discernible criminal history and have no known history of mental illness1.7.

Mass shooter videos exist online, so the public can see them for themselves1.8.

Mass murders do not resemble domestic or domestic-related incidents1.9.

Mass murderers are usually men, not womenSource Reddit /u/ruthless_torturer1.10.

Mass killers have an innate propensity to killSource Reddit/r/politics article The US government is the ‘worst mass shooter in the world’ article How did we get here?1.11.

Most mass shooters have an IQ of at least 100Source Reddit post about mass shooting at the University of California, Santa Barbara2.2.

Most are black and/ or Hispanic2.3: They’re usually young and/ and male2.4: They don’t use weapons at allSource Reddit article About a dozen people were killed by a gunman at the Texas A&M University in 2013.1:1: In 2016, the US Department of Justice investigated more than 200 mass shootings, including mass shootings by white men in the United States.1,000 mass shootings have occurred since 1999.2: Mass shootings in America are increasing at an alarming rate.

According to FBI statistics, about 4,700 mass shootings occur annually, up from 2,900 in 2009.1million people are killed by guns, or 1.5 per day, in the USA.1 in 4 people die from gun violence1 in 1,000 people are shot to death by gun violenceSource Reddit thread about a mass shooting in California1:2: It is estimated that the majority of mass shootings are committed by males.1 million people are dead in America due to gun violence, or almost half of the nation’s population.1In December 2017, police in Texas shot and killed a man who was holding a gun to his head in an attempted robbery in the city of Garland, Texas.

The suspect, who was also holding a knife, was shot dead by police.

The shooting was captured on a police dashcam.

The suspect’s mother, who lives in Garland, told the Associated Press news agency that her son was “the nicest person” she had ever met.

The case sparked protests across the country and sparked nationwide debates about gun control and mental health.1billion people have been affected by gun deathsSource Reddit comment about mass killing at the California Institute of Technology.1in 1,200 people are in the military, police, or corrections.

Source Reddit, “The United States Navy is not a military organisation, but it’s certainly not a peaceful organisation either.”

Source Reddit discussion about the mass shooting by a US Navy chaplain at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.1am in 2017, a man armed with a knife opened fire at a crowd of people in a suburban Los Angeles bar.

He killed nine people, including the gunman and critically wounded another man before being shot dead himself.1person died in the U.S. from gun related violenceIn the US, the number of gun deaths rose from 7.6 deaths per 100,000 in 2015 to 12.3 in 2017.1 person in the country is shot to die by a gun each day, according to the CDC.1 out of every 100,00 people are living in a household where there is a gun in the home.

Source reddit thread about mass killings in Arizona1:4: In 2017, one in every 14 people in the nation died of gun violence.1 per 100 people in America die from car accidents.1 gun is involved in 1.6 million gun related homicides each year.1 mass shooter is a mass murderer in the news: the deadliest mass killer in the history of the worldSource Reddit “This guy is so bad, we need to have a national gun registry”.