Why the Albino Person Running?

The Indian version of the popular online dating app, dating website and social network Tinder has added an option for people with Albinism to choose between a person with a normal appearance or a celebrity with an albino face.

According to the company, the celebrity with the albine face will be featured in the app’s upcoming edition.

“For the next edition, we are introducing the Celebrity with an Albinistic Face option in our app,” a spokesperson said.

“If you’re an Albina, please check out the new option for a celebrity profile.”

While it was a good first step, this is a little too soon.

In August, Tinder launched an Al Bino Person option, allowing users to select a celebrity who looks a certain way.

While it’s true that people with a certain body shape can have a celebrity look, the idea of choosing a celebrity like the Albinista is nothing new.

Albinisms are genetic disorders that affect the ability to process and process in the body.