How to make your baby a better parent

New Delhi: It’s the first week of February and the mood is celebratory.

A lot of the country is celebrating.

On a recent Saturday, hundreds of couples sat down in small rooms on the second floor of a city apartment building and had a look around them.

“It was a pretty happy atmosphere,” said Pravin Jain, who is one of the couples.

“We wanted to know what the expectations were of our child.”

The couple are members of the Aam Aadmi Party’s Baby Belly project.

The initiative aims to improve the health and well-being of babies by providing them with personalized blankets and baby food.

In order to get the baby food delivered to the home, the couple had to make their own.

“There are many things we can’t do on our own,” said Shreya, a resident of a private home in Delhi’s South Zone.

“So, we have to get it from the government.

We have to buy it from them.”

To make it happen, the AAP has made a big effort.

The party has launched an initiative, BabyBelly, that is aimed at improving the health of babies.

It has also announced a plan to distribute the blankets, baby food and other necessities to all families.

The AAP launched the BabyBash initiative to improve health and wellbeing of babies in Delhi on December 20.

The project aims to make babies comfortable and fed in a manner similar to their parents.

The AAP, which was founded by former AAP MLA Arvind Kejriwal in 2014, has been a pioneer in addressing the needs of the poor and vulnerable in the country.

“It is really the biggest initiative we have undertaken,” said AAP spokesperson Praveen Swami.

“BabyBash is not about giving the blankets to poor families.

The goal is to make baby blankets available to all households.”

In an effort to ensure that the AAP and the Baby Bash project is successful, the government is working on a plan for the distribution of baby food to the families of the affected.

“Our government is taking steps to make the Baby Bash initiative a reality,” said Health Minister Satish Chandra Prasad.

The government has also set up a committee to monitor the health status of babies and mothers.

“The committee is looking into how to make BabyBashes a reality, and if we can get a response in two to three months, we will take it forward,” said Prasanjay Raghunathan, the health minister.

The BabyBap project is part of the AAP’s BabyBesh campaign to ensure the health, wellbeing and quality of life of infants and mothers in the nation.

“All babies are going to be given blankets,” said the AAP spokesperson.

“When you have babies, you have to make sure they have blankets, too.”