How to Get Rid of Your Worrying Thoughts

The best way to rid yourself of the worst of your worries is to be honest with yourself.

But you don’t need to think of yourself as the enemy to realize that the worst parts of yourself can be so hard to overcome.

That’s why I love telling my students, “Your fears aren’t going away.”

They’re not.

They’re going to keep coming back and they’re going and coming again until you learn to recognize them and learn how to manage them.

In this session I’ll share with you the 10 biggest fears you have and how you can conquer them.


I don’t know what I’m afraid of.

This one is the most common worry that I get.

I know that this is one of the biggest obstacles in becoming an expert at anything I do.

I also know that it is the biggest barrier to doing anything you want to do.

The truth is that you probably don’t even know what you’re afraid of because you’re hiding it from yourself.

The more you think about it, the more you realize you’re living in a bubble of your own making.

The problem is that the more your own fears are around, the less likely you are to be able to truly relax and relax with your own thoughts and feelings.


I’m terrified of being alone.

One of the most challenging fears I’ve had is the fear of loneliness.

When I first got started in my career as a teacher, I didn’t know anyone who was lonely.

I didn: I had no friends, I wasn’t going out with friends, and I was living on my own.

In fact, I was a big fan of my own company.

In the midst of my fears of loneliness, I started to find a group of friends I could talk to.

My fear of being lonely also grew as I realized that I was in a position to help people in need.

I knew that when I talked to people, they were happy to help me.

But I didn, and that’s what I didn of course.


I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

I had a dream of being a space pilot for a living.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea, but I didn I think I was crazy?

I thought that maybe I could be a good astronaut and live and learn in space for a little while.

The only thing that kept me from dreaming of it was the fear that my career would be over when I retired from NASA.

In retrospect, I realize that this fear wasn’t just a fear of retiring, but it was also a fear that I wouldn’t have a career if I wasn (a) willing to try hard enough to be a space pioneer and learn to fly, and (b) willing and able to support my family financially in the future.


I want to get married and have kids someday.

Many people have this fear of marriage, too.

It’s something that people talk about when they talk about getting married.

The reason they talk this way is because they are afraid that they will fail or lose their marriages and that the idea of a long-term relationship with a spouse will be too much for them.

But in reality, marriage is a lot more than that.

It is a long and difficult journey that is full of sacrifices, but also full of joys and ups and downs.

The bottom line is that marriage is about being faithful to your spouse for the rest of your life.

If you think you’ve had a bad marriage, then you’ve already missed out on a great life and are just wasting your time thinking about it. 5.

I have a bad temper.

If I was to tell you a story, you might think it’s pretty simple: I would go to a party, go crazy, and then get really angry and hurtful.

And you’d think, “Oh, that’s just me.

I just get that kind of energy.”

But what’s actually going on is that your body is telling you to go to the party.

Your mind is telling your body to go.

And your body sends you into an uncontrollable rage, anger and resentment that keeps on coming back.

It keeps on hurting you.

So, I hope you understand that there is nothing you can do about your temper, or any of your fears, except learn to love yourself and take action to stop that energy from coming back at you.


I worry that my family will get hurt.

You might think I’m exaggerating, but you probably have some anxiety about your family.

When you’re anxious about someone in your life, your body goes into a frenzy and it creates a little panic that will never go away.

But the truth is, your brain doesn’t think like that.

You’re just programmed to think in the most logical way that you know how.

When this happens, your anxiety over a perceived loss of power and control becomes your biggest fear.

If that’s you, you’ll find yourself going crazy, acting like a crazy person,