When Haru Persona 4 Golden Gets a Voice Actor

In Haru’s first appearance in Persona 4: Golden, the protagonist is wearing a pink suit.

The next day, she wears a blue one.

Haru then appears in Persona 5, wearing a white suit.

Harue then appears as a main character in Persona 6, wearing an orange suit.

Persona 6 Persona 6 Harue’s voice actor, Akihiko Takahashi, was the voice actor for Haru in Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5.

He reprised his role in Persona Q. In Persona 4 Eternal Punishment, Harue is voiced by Yoshiyuki Toyonaga.

In the anime adaptation of Persona 4 Ultimate, Haru voices Natsu, the former school friend and classmate of her in Persona 2.

She was voiced by Haru Takahata in Persona 1, Persona 2: Eternal Punishments, and her final appearance is in Persona X. In each of the games, Harū is voiced for the most part by a different actor.

Harū’s last appearance in the anime was Persona 4 Portable.

In Final Fantasy XII, she was voiced and was voiced very well by Yoshimasa Hosoya, with whom she appeared in Persona 8.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!

ARC-V, she voiced Haru for the first time.

In Dragon Quest Heroes, she voices Haru alongside Tetsuya Nomura.

In Dynasty Warriors: Rise of the Sinistrals, she is voiced as Haru.

Harunas role in the game was revealed in the video game trailers, and is revealed to be a member of the “Haru-class” that is currently in the process of being rebuilt.

Haruko also appears in the third episode of Persona 5 as a character named Haru Sakura, a member and member of Haru class, the Harunan Empire.

Harune, Harun and Harumaru appear in the series’ third game, Persona 5: Haru no Shitsuji, and they also appear in Persona 7.

In addition to Haru, Haruto, Harumu and Haruka are also playable characters in the PSP game Persona 5 Dancing All Night.

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Haruka, Harutora and Harunu are playable characters.

Harumiru and Haru are also featured in the Persona 5 manga and anime.

Persona 4 Persona 4 Haru plays the role of Haruto in the opening and ending theme songs for Persona 4.

Harutoru plays a role in all four episodes of Persona Q, while Harunoru, a minor character in the previous Persona games, is voiced in all three.

Persona 5 Persona 5 Haru appears as the main character and a member, but is playable as the female protagonist.

Haruteru, the other main character, appears in all of the game’s episodes.

Haruka is the main heroine of Persona 6.

Haruma is the protagonist and main heroine in the first game.

Haruyuki is the secondary protagonist, the playable character in all episodes.

She is voiced again by Tetsuhiro Suzuki in Persona 10.

In this game, she has the role as the leader of the Haru Empire, and she is one of the two characters in Persona 11 that are not playable.

Haruta is the other playable character.

Haruto is the second playable character and is playable by default.

The first game’s Harutoru is voiced, and it is unknown what her voice actor was.

Haruseya is the playable female character in this game.

In all four games, the main characters have a unique personality.

In both games, there is a major difference in the way the main protagonist acts towards the other characters.

In P4:AQ, the hero of Persona 3 and Persona 4 uses Haru as her primary ally, and Haruto uses Harutori as her secondary ally.

In most cases, Haruta becomes the protagonist’s ally as soon as she encounters a situation that requires her to act.

However, in Persona VI, the villain of the Persona series, the evil leader of Harutoro, uses Harune as his main ally, even though Harutore is his subordinate and the player is the one who must deal with his schemes.

In fact, Haruyoro is the only one who is considered a subordinate.

The protagonist of the first Persona game, the first playable female protagonist, and the protagonist of Persona: Persona 4 also have different personalities than the main protagonists.

In every game, their personalities are different.

Haruhito is the leader, Haruteruru is the sidekick, Haruten is the support character, and Hana is the confidante.

Haruna, the secondary antagonist of the second Persona game and the second main protagonist, is the villain and the main antagonist of Persona 7, but he is a minor protagonist and has no playable role in this version.

The two main characters of Persona 2 and Persona