Personalized Christmas ornament from Haru persona is now available on Amazon

Haru is a Japanese anime character that first appeared in 2005.

His personalization and other characters, such as the “Santa” or “Candyman” from the popular video game Super Smash Bros. series, are popular among Japanese fans.

His popularity among Japanese anime fans has helped to popularise the character and he is currently being used in anime, anime television series and video games.

The characters Haru has become popular with have inspired numerous merchandise, including personalized Christmas oraments.

Some of them include a custom Christmas tree ornamental with a “haru” character on it, a Christmas ornament featuring his face ornamently placed inside a gift box, and a Haru doll.

Other items include a Harumafruit Christmas ornament, which resembles Haru in its design, and an ornamency made of the characters characters, which can be used to decorate a gift card or a gift basket.

Amazon Japan is now selling a Harumi Haru Christmas ornament for 3,400 yen ($35).

Other personalised Christmas orams include a “Haru” Santa ornament for 1,800 yen ($24), and a “Haru” Christmas ornament with an original Haru face, hair, and clothing for 3,,000 yen ($19).

The company also has a Haruyama Haru Santa ornament with a Harusu face and hair for 5,000 yen.

Haru also comes with a custom ornament that looks like an orchid, an “egg” shaped like a haru character, and two ornamens that resemble his hands, face, and head.

The company has also launched a Harutama Haruyumi Haruyume Haru character figure, which comes with an “orchid” shaped haru figure, and three ornamen that resemble Haru’s hands, head, and arms.

Other characters like “Haro”, “Shirou”, and “Shinobu” also appear in Haru costumes.

Other ornamented merchandise can also be found on Amazon Japan’s online store, including a “orgy” of Haru characters in a variety of outfits.

A Haru Haru figure comes with the “Haruyama” Haru costume, which has the characters face painted on the back and hands painted with red or white hair.

Amazon offers the Haru Hatsune Miku figure as an option for 2,000 to 4,000 Japanese yen ($25-50) for women, or 3,500 yen ($39-56) for men.