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A new online database shows how much you have in your pockets by checking the amount you actually spend.

The survey by the financial consulting firm Langer Research Associates, which surveyed more than 1,000 Americans, found that a $100 shopping spree is not a bad idea.

The top 5 most popular shopping strategies in 2017 include spending money on:Coupon cards to shop online with, gift cards, gift certificates, and online coupons.

The second most popular is using gift cards and gift certificates to shop at local stores.

The last most popular was spending money online with a coupon.

The fifth most popular of all is using an online shopping portal to shop with friends and family.

The most common items people use for shopping are jewelry, clothing, and electronics.

The 10 most popular items that people buy with gift cards include shoes, purses, and home improvement items.

The highest-selling gift cards in 2017 were the following:Apple Apple is the world’s biggest brand.

It’s worth about $1.8 trillion in 2017, according to Forbes, with Apple valued at $2.7 trillion.

In the United States, Apple has more than $1 trillion in annual revenue.

In fact, Apple is responsible for over $1 billion in revenue for every American.

In the past 10 years, the company has generated $9.7 billion in profit, according a 2016 study by financial consulting company KPMG.

According to the Langer report, the most popular gift cards are:Visa Visa is the second most common gift card, accounting for nearly $4 billion in 2017.

Visa also generated more than 100 billion in annual profit in 2016.

Apple Apple’s biggest rival, the United Kingdom’s Barclays, generated about $7.8 billion in 2016, according the Langers report.

Barclays, which is also known as British American Bank, is the largest global bank with $4.7-billion in annual income.

According the Lansers report, Apple, which was founded in 1975, is worth $3.7-$4 trillion.

Langer estimates that the average American spent about $8,000 a year in 2017 using gift-card and gift-certificate purchases.

In addition, Americans spend $2,500 on gift cards each year, $1,400 on gift certificates and $700 on online gift cards.

The average American also spent $4,200 on gift-cards, $3,000 on gift vouchers and $1 for online gift certificates.

The Langer survey also found that consumers are more likely to use gift cards for other purposes.

They were more likely than shoppers to use cash, credit cards and debit cards for everyday purchases, and to use online payment options like Apple Pay, Paypal, and Visa for transactions.

However, they were more apt to use debit cards, which can be used for larger purchases.

According a 2016 survey by Langer, more than one in five Americans now use credit cards for all or most of their purchases.