Which of the characters in Uncharted 4 is your favourite?

The original Uncharted games featured many of the most memorable characters in gaming history.

Some were the main players of the Uncharted series and even appeared in the main game.

Others were minor characters with the sole purpose of completing the main story.

There were many others, but I’m not going to list them all here. 

Now, Uncharted 4’s main character, Nadine Ross, is a paranoid and borderline sociopath.

She is a psychopath who, through her past, is seeking to gain power, wealth, and fame.

She does this through her obsession with the protagonist, Nathan Drake, and her manipulation of the protagonist’s life to her own ends.

Nadine is also a sociopathic, and in the first episode, when the player first meets her, she is shown to be a psychopathic personality. 

Nadia’s character traits are very similar to those of the other main characters, so they are likely the main ones that inspired her to become the main character in the Uncharted games. 

However, there are a couple of interesting similarities.

Firstly, she’s a sociopathy and is a pathological liar.

She has no compunction about lying about the truth and deceiving people.

She also is a narcissist, and while she doesn’t want to be like Nathan, she has become so used to being the one to be liked by that Nathan is more than willing to reciprocate her feelings for him. 

Secondly, she seems to be quite self-obsessed.

It seems that she doesn´t really care if the world around her is good or bad. 

While she has no idea what her true motives are, she does believe she can win the hearts of the people around her by being good, and she has done this for a very long time.

This is perhaps most evident in the finale of the game, where she is seen on the roof of her mansion, smiling and having fun. 

The final moments of the finale reveal that her true motivations are to become a rich and famous woman, and to kill Nathan Drake to attain this goal. 

A character that is not as charismatic as Nadine, and is often seen as the antagonist in the game is the protagonist of the second episode, Desmond Miles.

Desmond Miles is the main protagonist of Uncharted 4 and is the first major antagonist to appear in the series. 

He is a former police officer who has become a hero due to his actions in saving the lives of the innocents in the original Uncharted, the events that led to his joining the Royal Family, and the events in the last chapter of the series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Desmond was raised by a family of thieves and he was raised to be the most ruthless and brutal member of the Royal family.

In his youth, Desmond was a young man who was in no position to challenge authority, and was considered by his parents and his peers to be an arrogant, self-absorbed jerk. 

After the events of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Desmond has grown up and developed a strong relationship with Nathan Drake.

It is through his relationship with the Drake family that he develops his skills as a thief, and has become skilled at the art of violence and has grown more and more skilled. 

Desmond’s personality is very similar with Nathan, although he is more cunning and ambitious than Nathan.

He also possesses a high opinion of himself and his abilities, and he often seeks to surpass Nathan. 

But it is Desmond’s actions that are the most interesting in the second and third episodes of the main Uncharted series.

The events of the first and second episodes reveal that Desmond has been hiding in the shadows of his family, the Royal families, and his past for years.

His actions have been seen by his father, a member of a rival gang, and by a rival royal family member, both of whom want to kill him.

As the events unfold, Desmond is able to gain access to Nathan and has the chance to kill both of them. 

This is not the first time that Nathan has betrayed Desmond, and it will not be the last. 

What’s interesting about Desmond’s character is that while he may have done something stupid in the past, he has been able to learn from his mistakes and is willing to change.

He has learned that he can change and improve, and that he is capable of achieving great things. 

When the events play out in the fourth episode of Uncharted, we find out more about the reasons why Desmond became the main antagonist in this game. 

Firstly, we learn that he has had a past with Nathan and his family. 

As a child, Nathan and Nadine were inseparable and became inseparable after Nathan was kidnapped by an assassin named Drake.

Nathan was killed by the assassin and Nadina, who was still in love with him, became distraught and became depressed.

She tried to kill herself and tried to commit suicide. 

In order to make things worse, Nathan