Why Are You Talking About Me So Much? (And Why You Should Be)

The person you’re talking about on Instagram is not the same person you know and love.

Here are ten common Instagram personality traits that could make your relationship less interesting.1.

A lot of people use your username and/or the name of your ex-boyfriend to refer to you2.

You feel like you don’t fit in at work or in school3.

You’re obsessed with finding new clothes for the fall season4.

You have no interest in going to parties, going to movies, or even getting to the beach5.

You tend to have a sense of entitlement that comes from your past experiences in life, like the time you went to the prom and then felt guilty because you didn’t get to attend the party6.

You don’t know what you want to do next7.

You’ve been in the same position as your ex and it seems like you are just getting in your way8.

You find yourself saying the same things over and over again9.

You take things for granted10.

You are obsessed with your favorite food