‘Persona 5’ Review: This Is A ‘Sexy’ Game And It’s An Anime-Inspired Story

A video game-themed anime series is coming to Netflix on August 12, and it’s a pretty great idea.

In Persona 5, you play as a young boy named Yusuke Kasugano, who has a crush on his childhood friend Yui.

The game follows Yusuke and Yui as they embark on a series of quests to save the world, which ultimately involves them battling demons and saving the world from a mysterious force.

There’s a good reason why the series is taking on a very anime-inspired title: Persona 5 is an anime.

While Persona 5 may not be the first anime series to make use of anime in its storyline, it’s one that manages to use its tropes to great effect.

The series follows Yuske as he travels around the world searching for clues to the disappearance of his childhood friends, the Kana Sisters.

Yusuke’s obsession with the Kanas eventually leads him to the Kanes, a group of young girls whose mysterious deaths were committed by a group called the Kanshi, an organisation that believes the supernatural exists and has been using the Kani Sisters as a conduit to help them.

It’s a fairly common trope in anime, and in fact, the genre is often referenced in anime tropes in games, such as the characters in Persona 5 using Japanese-language dialogue.

This is where the anime trope comes in, as the Kannas have the ability to create a new persona to take on the appearance of a real-life person, with the goal of destroying the Kanyans.

This trope is used a number of different ways in Persona 4 and Persona 5.

In both games, the protagonist is the player, but in Persona 3 and Persona 4, they are the game’s antagonist, and the player character has the power to alter their appearance in order to fight them.

In Persona 5’s case, the plot focuses on Yusuke being pursued by the Kane Sisters, a new group of Kansha, and he’s tasked with saving the Kanna from their imminent doom.

The Kanna leader is a mysterious woman named Teddie, who appears to have been an assistant to the late Kana Masamune.

She has been in possession of a secret that has the ability of changing the personality of anyone she encounters, and she wants Yusuke to help her by taking on the Kona persona.

While the plot is fairly simple, the gameplay is surprisingly complex.

While most of the time, the characters are in a neutral state, the player is given a choice of either saving Teddies life or the Kanas, the game giving the player control over Yusuke, who is able to turn into a Persona by using a special spell.

It’s a really simple idea, and one that helps the game stand out from the rest of the series.

The gameplay mechanic in Persona 6, which was released on November 15, is a little more complicated.

Rather than simply saving the lives of your character, the decision is made based on the player’s personality.

For example, if you’re a fan of the Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop, then you can choose to be a more traditional hero like Yusuke.

However, if the player has been a fan all their lives, then they’re more likely to play as the villain.

This can be a real problem if you have a strong desire to change the way you act, but you don’t want to change your character completely, or you want to give your character a chance to live their best life in the story.

For example, in the case of a fanboy like myself, I could be a violent, overbearing character who only saves the lives that I really want to save.

I could also be a peaceful, gentle character who always tries to do good things and shows love to the people around me.

This kind of gameplay is important because you can’t always tell what’s best for the character you’re playing as, so it’s crucial to make sure the choices you make are in line with the characters you want the player to take as their avatar.

The story in Persona Q is a lot more complex, and its a very good one.

When it first comes out, the story of Persona 5 was fairly straightforward.

However now, the series has taken a bit of a turn towards more interesting twists.

The story in this game is set in Tokyo during the year 2022, and a mysterious new enemy known as the “Eternal Beast” has begun attacking the city.

The player must stop the Eternal Beast from killing millions of innocent people, and also defend the city from an evil force known as “Everest,” which is also the name of a fictional volcano in Japan.

In the game, you can explore different areas of Tokyo and collect various items for use in the battle against the Eternal Beasts.

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