How Fox News personalities react to Trump tweets

The next President of the United States.

Fox News personality and Fox News contributor Fox & Hannity host Sean Hannity has been tweeting about Donald Trump and his supporters since he took office in January, and he has gone on to call out many of Trump’s most controversial policies and comments.

Hannity has tweeted a number of times about the president-elect, calling out several of his more controversial tweets.

Here’s a selection of his most controversial ones.

First, Trump tweeted on March 9 that the U.S. was now at war with North Korea, a claim that North Korea has denied.

On April 2, he said that the United Nations was “unfit” for the job of trying to solve the problem of climate change, an idea that has been debunked by the science community.

He has also tweeted a string of claims about former President Barack Obama, saying he was “not qualified” to be president, and saying he “never saw daylight between the two.”

On May 6, Trump accused former President George W. Bush of being “not fit” for office.

On May 20, he suggested the Democratic Party should boycott a presidential debate because the moderator “isn’t even qualified.”

On June 10, he called former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “disgusting” and said “a total crook” for failing to keep the Iran nuclear deal.

In response to the Trump administration’s response to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations, Hannity tweeted a message that said: “Trump should be impeached for sexual assault.

He should have resigned long ago.”

On July 11, Hannity claimed that Trump was not qualified to be President, even after he had already been impeached.

On July 26, Hannity went on to tweet a link to a list of the top 10 most dangerous men in the world, which included the President of Russia and former President Putin, and then called on his followers to “take action.”

“We must take the fight to #10 most dangerous man in the history of mankind and #10 greatest leader in history,” Hannity wrote.

“Take action now.

We need your help.



On July 28, Hannity wrote another tweet that suggested the U,S.

should withdraw from NATO, a decision that has yet to happen.

He called Trump “a pathological liar” and called on people to “fight the good fight.”

On August 6, Hannity posted a tweet that accused Hillary Clinton of being a “moron,” and that she was “the worst of the worst.”

“I think the first sign of a moron is when they say ‘moron.’

And then the second sign is when you realize they don’t have the ability to control their emotions,” Hannity said.

“They have a brain.

And they have a mind.”