How to find a missing person

What is a missing persons report?

It’s a report you send to the police about someone who hasn’t been seen or heard from in three months, like you are looking for someone who has gone missing or may have gone missing.

Police will investigate the report and if they can’t find anyone, they will file a missing in-person report to the coroner.

In the event you’ve gone missing, there are options available to help.

If you are unable to contact your family or friends, you may want to seek help from the Australian Federal Police.

They can also contact a missing-person service, such as the Australian Crime Commission.

If you don’t know the whereabouts of someone you think is missing, contact the National Missing Persons Service (NMPPS) through their online contact form or through their contact information.

The NMPPS can also direct you to a local police station.

If police decide to investigate your missing person report, they may ask for more details.

When police make a missing people report, you should give them as much information as you can and include your contact details.

If there is more information you need to share, you can write to the NMPPCS or the NPSO.

What you can do:Find out if your missing persons information is being investigated by the NPPPS or the National Police Service (NPWS)Find out about contacting the missing person service in your area