All game posts: The origin story of /r/_gamergate

A series of posts and videos about gamergate are beginning to appear on Reddit, and one of them is from one of its most notorious members.

The “Gamergate” tag is used to identify an anti-feminist, anti-gay, and anti-woman movement, which gained widespread attention following the publication of a video that showed a video game developer, Brianna Wu, discussing the idea of women as “super-powered” in games.

The phrase “GamerGate” was chosen by Redditors because the group has been referred to as “GamerGaters” by users, and a number of them were active on the website before Gamergate began.

In addition, the hashtag is used in reference to the “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs), a collection of internet-based activists who have been calling for the elimination of all social issues, including social issues like gender and race.

In one video posted by a user known as “Mr. B,” he talks about how the video game industry is corrupt and “we are being brainwashed.”

In a series of videos and interviews, the person who is the founder of GamerGate, “Mr B,” talks about his motivations in making the videos, and he describes himself as a “social justice warrior.”

Mr B was not available for comment for this article.

The posts and comments have been shared hundreds of times.

The GamerGate person who was interviewed by the Daily Dot said that they are based on Mr B’s own comments and other posts that have been posted on Reddit.

He said that he would not comment further because of his ongoing harassment campaign against Mr B, who has become an internet sensation.

The Daily Dot contacted Mr B for comment.

The person who created and posts the GamerGate posts and video was also contacted for comment, but has not yet responded.

“Gamergaters are an incredibly well organized and vocal group, which I have to admit is quite scary,” said the person.

“There are literally thousands of them on Reddit and many of them are very active.

There are a few dozen of us on the main GamerGate sub-Reddit, /r/?action=permalink and most of them have very strong anti-women, anti-“GamerGate,” or anti-“social justice” stances.”

Mr. B said that his motivations are personal, but also that his posts are not meant to be taken as representative of all Gamergaters.

“I’m not saying that GamerGate is a misogynistic movement, but I’m saying that it is very misogynistic,” Mr. L said.

The subreddit, known as /r/, is known for its anti-censorship, and its users have posted posts about the “Rape Culture” and other topics in an effort to censor any discussion of the topic.

One of the main reasons Mr.

B is so active on Reddit is to make the videos.

He says he wanted to make sure the videos were made public because they could potentially help others to “see the truth,” as well as his own experiences as a trans man and an anti-“feminist” activist.

He said he started making the posts to “make a point,” and he has been banned from a number Reddit communities.

The videos have been widely shared, and Mr.

L has received threats and even death threats.

The man who posted the videos said that the videos have had over 400,000 views.

“They have been a very effective way to push the issue,” he said.

“It’s an example of the power of the internet.

I’m not going to comment on the specifics of his motivation, but his comments and videos have created an enormous amount of support, and they’ve created a lot of interest on Reddit.”

The videos were created with the help of Reddit user “Mr Big,” a man who uses the alias “Teddybearbear” and has about 300,000 subscribers on the site.

He has been the subject of several harassment campaigns.

The “Troll Hunter” campaign, which targets anyone who posts content on Reddit that is critical of Gamergate, has had more than 5,000 people on the subreddit and is now “the largest GamerGate subreddit,” according to the Daily Beast.

The account also has been active in other forums like r/videos, r/gaming, and r/atheism, as well.

The individual who posted Mr. Big’s videos has since changed his name and is no longer active on either Reddit or on Twitter.

The user said that “Tiger_Tiger” is Mr Big’s real name, and that he is currently a moderator on the “Gamerghazi” subreddit.

He told the Daily Dove that the “troll hunter” account has been around for years, and it has been a part of the community for several years.

“The trolling has been going on for a long time, and the only reason it’s gotten to this point is because of the Gamergate and its effect on the gaming community,” the user said.

He added that there