Japan’s ‘Yusuke’ personality traits are on the rise

Yusuke was born in Japan, and he’s been dubbed “Yusue” (pronounced YS-uh-mee), which is a pun on the word “yume” which means “man”.

But since he’s a woman, his Japanese name has been changed to “Yuriko” to reflect his gender identity.

He said his goal was to make his new nickname fit better with his Japanese identity.

“I’m trying to make it better for everyone, not just for me,” he said.

“In Japan, the word yume means ‘man’.

If I have a girl, it’s ‘yume’ or ‘yuri’.” His new name reflects the fact that he’s not a man, but a woman.

He says that since his gender change, he’s become more comfortable around women.

He’s even started dating a woman he met online.

 “I like women,” he told the Financial Post.

“They’re very caring, very helpful.

They’re more open-minded, they’re more interested in what I’m doing and how I’m going about my business.”

The new nickname also has a few other benefits for him.

He can now wear his hair in a ponytail, and even his friends and family have been calling him Yusuke-chan.

Yusuta has a lot of fun with his new name.

“I think it makes it more fun for me to do my job, because I’m more aware that I’m not the only one who has to do that,” he says.

While his new Japanese name is more comfortable, his old Japanese name may not be.

He told the FT that he was initially unhappy with his old name, but he’s changed his mind.

As for why he’s started changing his name, he says that he just wanted to be different.

After all, “it’s my Japanese name,” he adds.

“It makes me feel like I’m unique.” Read more: