How to get a ‘personality type’ keychain – with a few DIY tips

Personalization is all about personality.

A keychain that’s not personalized to your personality type might just be a boring piece of plastic.

Here’s how to make it your own.

We know that there are a lot of different types of personality types and that there’s a spectrum of what makes them tick.

We also know that different personality types are more inclined to have different interests and to be more creative.

So we decided to create a personality type keychain to show everyone how to get the most out of it.

We knew that the majority of keychains are not very practical.

We wanted a keychain for our kids to hold up and to remind us to pay attention to what they’re doing on a daily basis.

So, we went to the trouble of looking for a unique way to personalize them.

The first thing we found was an inspirational sticker.

It has a quote from Einstein on the back, saying, “To live is to forget everything.”

It’s an inspirational slogan and a way to express the importance of living.

We added a quote to it to tell the kids that they’re on the right track.

Once we had that, we knew we needed a key chain.

The next thing we needed to make was a personalised keychain.

The best thing about our design is that we were able to take a blank piece of paper and turn it into a personalized keychain with the help of a few simple DIY tips.

How to Personalize Your Keychain with DIY Tips 1.

Get the right design: The easiest way to get started is to go to Pinterest and browse through their range of inspirational stickers.

There’s a wide range of creative and inspirational stickers, and some are quite simple to use.

Others are more complicated.

We chose a simple one that we thought was the perfect design.

The idea was that the kids would be able to pick it up, look at it and say, “That’s my keychain.”


Find a good colour: Some keychains use a plastic-based sticker, but we didn’t want to use that, so we went with a simple black-on-white pattern that was easy to spot.

You could even pick out a couple of the bright colours from the website, and have them stick to the keychain as you carry it around.


Cut out the design: It’s best to start with a blank design and then take it one step at a time.

We had to make a few small changes.

First, we had to decide which colour to use for the quote.

We decided on the black-and-white for the slogan and also the quote to make sure that we didn´t have to repeat it twice.

We made a few adjustments to the design to make things a little more streamlined.

We cut out a few shapes for the stickers to go with the key chain, and used them to cut out the quotes on the keychains.

This also helped to reduce the size of the key-chain.

You might want to check out the video below to see how it’s done.


Make the key ring: You can use a piece of scrap paper to make the keyring.

Just fold the paper and shape it into the shape you want.

Once you have your design in the shape, you can then cut it out.

There are some keyrings with a key ring that you can make yourself, and if you use the stickers from the site, they’ll be included in the package.


Get a keypad: Once you’ve got the design in place, it’s time to make your keychain keyring!

To make your own keychain, you need a key pad that’s small enough to fit the key, and thick enough to accommodate the sticker.

You can find this kind of keypad at most hardware stores, but you could also buy it online.

We found that this was the easiest way.

We took the sticker we had and cut it into squares, and cut out half of the stickers and put them on the square.

We then used a ruler to cut the square in half, so that the half that was in the sticker was placed on top of the half on the pad.


Paint the keypad white: Paint the pad black to give it a more ‘professional’ look.

Make sure the stickers are still on the sticker when you take it out of the box.


Add your key stickers: After you’ve put the stickers on the keyboard, you should add your own sticker on the top of your keypad.

You should also add your name and a few personalised quotes, and then paint the pad white.

You may want to keep an eye on the shape of the pad to make certain it’s all the way to the sticker before you put the sticker on. 8.

Make your own stickers: Paint a few stickers on top and the pad should be completely white