New York City’s most expensive condo is $1.1M, but you’ll need to spend $100K to get it—and it’s too big to fit in a closet

It was the summer of 2015 and I was living in New York, working for a tech company, trying to squeeze in a meeting with a journalist from The Verge.

I was spending a lot of time on my computer, so I had an idea that I’d be able to build an apartment for less than $100,000—that’s not a lot for a single bedroom.

The apartment, I decided, would be the perfect home for me and my family.

But before I even had the money, I had to find a location to buy it.

I needed to find one that was convenient for me to commute to, where I could rent it from my boss or friends, and where the neighborhood was safe.

I had a vague idea of what kind of neighborhood the property would be in, and I knew that a lot more people live in neighborhoods that are more expensive than New York’s.

I also knew that I wanted the space to be large enough to accommodate all my family members.

And since I’d already purchased an apartment at my old home, I figured I could afford it for the cost of the house.

The problem is, it’s a lot to move around in, so my wife and I were looking for a place that could accommodate a little more than two people.

So we found a house nearby that was much smaller, but with lots of extra space.

The house is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo on a five-acre plot in a neighborhood that’s mostly quiet, a few blocks from a subway station.

I rented it from a company called Redfin, and the condo was built using a modular construction system that allowed me to quickly expand and shrink the unit as I needed.

I paid $1,200 a month for the unit, with an additional $1 per month for utilities and maintenance, and about $800 for property taxes.

The condo is big enough for me, but not so big that I’ll be able go anywhere near it without carrying my stuff.

In the end, it costs me about $1 million.

The cost of living in the city can be daunting.

We’ve spent months trying to find places to live and work in the past two years, and we’ve come to the conclusion that New York is our new home, and it’s the city we’re most likely to end up living in.

But we also know that the biggest risk we face is not the cost, but the distance between us and our closest place of employment.

I don’t want to live anywhere else.

When I think about my family, I’m always thinking about where we’re going to live when we get back home.

If we live in New Jersey, we don’t even have to go far to get to where we need to go.

But for us, it means going to a place with so many other people that we’ll miss them.

I’m not a typical New Yorker, but I do have a couple of close friends, who both work in tech, and my daughter is one of them.

So when we got to the apartment, my wife, daughter, and myself got ready to get the keys in our car.

We headed down to the city, looking for places that were near by and that would fit in our closet.

After we’d searched for several days, we found an apartment that was a short walk from the subway station and a couple blocks away from our house.

There were lots of nice places to park in the neighborhood, but it wasn’t really close enough for us to go out and spend a lot.

Instead, we decided to go shopping, looking at a wide variety of different products, and then making our way to a nearby drugstore.

After a bit of shopping, we went back to our house, which was now nearly empty.

We walked into the drugstore and found a small, one-bedroom unit for $139,900.

We went home to our condo, which now had two bedrooms for $819,900, plus the utilities and taxes.

After putting in the $1K deposit, we bought the condo for about $845 a month.

I decided to add a small second bedroom to the condo to make room for the two of us, and that meant that the total rent would now be about $925 a month, or $900 per week.

For a $1M condo, that’s not that bad, but for someone who works full time and has two kids, it doesn’t make much sense.

And even if we can get the condo done, the price tag could be a little steep.

The real estate market has been hard on renters for years.

In New York today, prices for single-family homes have skyrocketed.

As of the end of 2017, median home prices in New Yorkers had increased by nearly 10% from their average of about $2.7