How the $400K personal injury lawyer got a $1 million settlement from a company that cheated her

A $1.5 million personal injury attorney from New York City has received a $700,000 settlement from one of the biggest corporations in the country.

Kathleen Kiely, a former personal injury counsel in Los Angeles, said she received the settlement Thursday from AIG.

Kiellys attorney said she is not disclosing the exact amount.

The deal with AIG is the largest personal injury lawsuit settlement in the history of the U.S., and is worth more than $500 million, according to Kieley.

Kiely says AIG paid her for her services in 2016.

AIG also paid her $350,000 for the services she did for another personal injury firm.

Kies attorneys say she was able to get her own money back because she didn’t have to pay AIG’s share.KIELY SAYS THE PAYMENT WAS FOR HER SERVICES IN 2016 The settlement comes as AIG has become increasingly aggressive in its pursuit of consumers.

In June, AIG said it was seeking to recover $1 billion in payments from consumers over a three-year period.

The company also sued some other consumer groups for using misleading and deceptive claims about AIGs settlement with consumer groups.

The lawsuit said AIG used deceptive claims to deceive consumers into signing up for a product it said it couldn’t sell.

The company also said that it did not provide the same financial support to consumers who were denied AIG insurance.

Kies lawyers said that her experience with AIC was the only time she ever had to deal with a real estate agent.

Kiedley said she felt betrayed when she was told her case was over.KIES ATTORNEY SAYS HER EXPERIENCE WITH AIG WAS THE ONLY TIME SHE EVER HAD TO DOUBLE UP ON HER PAYMENT In the past two years, Kielys business has seen a big increase in client referrals, but her clients have been hit hard by the downturn in the housing market.

She said the personal injury lawyers’ settlement was the first time she has ever had the chance to double up on her payment.

Kieley said that after the settlement, she will continue to work with a small business, but not in the personal property arena.

Kierley said her client’s case has been a real hit with the media and the public.

A small business owner said that she is going to keep up the fight for the rest of her life.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.