Alberta man convicted of killing dog in home invasion

The man who authorities say shot and killed a dog in his Edmonton home has been convicted of the murder of the animal.

The trial heard that on Jan. 29, 2017, Mark Fournier fired a shot from his back yard into a dog named Gemini.

Gemini was shot in the head, and died at the scene.

In a written statement to police, Gemini’s owner, Angela Viglia, described her pet as a “lovely, loving, playful and intelligent” animal that she had adopted from a shelter.

She said Gemini and Fourniers dog would play together every day.

“It was a loving family, loving family and it was Gemini that was the one that got shot,” Vigla told CBC News on Monday.

Viglia said Geminis owner had told her about the incident months before, but said she never told anyone about the shooting.

“She had to hide her face because she didn’t want to get into a fight with Gemini,” Vige said.

“I did not want her to hurt Gemini.”

Police said Fournieri and Gemini were having an argument and Geminis mother came out of her house to confront Fournerer about the dog.

Fournerores girlfriend, Tanya Hahn, testified that Gemini had been playing with a gun, but she had not seen the gun in her yard.

Hahn said Frestier, who is originally from Germany, told her Gemini “wasn’t his dog.”

“She just got out of the house to go play with the dog and he just walked out of there,” Hahn testified.

Hann testified she had a conversation with Fourner’s girlfriend after the shooting, but he told her that he was not home at the time and that Geminis death was a freak accident.

Fournier is also facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer and possession of a firearm for a dangerous purpose.

The jury has also heard that Fournires girlfriend was also in the home at that time.

Frenier has pleaded not guilty.