Which MMOs should you play if you’re new to MMOs?

What are you waiting for?

Read on for the best MMOs to get you started in the genre, and then we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each.


Age of Empires: Definitive Edition: Age of Emperors Definitive Edition brings you the biggest expansion yet for the award-winning, award-nominated franchise.

There are new maps, new campaigns, new features, and new maps with a brand new campaign that will take you back to the beginning of the Age of Empire as we know it.

It’s the definitive expansion of the game and a ton of fun.

It also comes with a new campaign mode, new content and more.

If you like the series, you’ll love this one.


Age: Conquest: Conquest is a fast-paced multiplayer game that features the classic turn-based strategy elements of the classic game.

Players can team up with up to six other players to fight against other players on the battlefield.

You can also play with friends and have your own guild.

It comes with five new maps that feature a brand-new map pool and a new map pool that you can take into battle.

The expansion features new events, missions, and features, including the return of the ancient gods, a new hero class, and more!


Age-of-Empire: The Era of Domination: Age-Of-Empires, is an epic single-player campaign that features a brand spanking new story that you’ll be joining to complete.

You’ll be taking control of the legendary empire that spans the globe from the frozen North Pole to the frozen South Pole.

You’re tasked with controlling the most powerful empire on the planet, a group of soldiers and generals known as the Imperial Guard.

You will fight for the Emperor and the Empire, the Empire’s highest political position, and to restore balance to the world.

This expansion comes with four new maps and new campaigns.

It includes a brand brand new map pack and five new missions.


Age, Reign, Rise: The Age, Rise and Reign expansion brings you a brand New campaign that focuses on the ancient era of the universe.

This campaign includes the world of Age of Kings, where the events of the first Age of Dominations were staged, as well as the ancient age of the Imperial Empire, which is the core of the new campaign.

This is the only expansion of Age Reign and it brings the story of the Era of Empires back to life, adding new story content, characters, and maps.

This DLC also adds new events and new missions, new characters, an expanded hero class (in the form of a new class), new maps featuring a brand newly-created map pool, new missions that include new heroes, and a brandnew game mode.


Age Warlords: The Battle for Azeroth is the most epic expansion of all time, introducing over a dozen new maps across six continents and five playable factions.

The Battle of Azerth is one of the biggest battles in the history of the World of Warcraft universe.

Players will fight to control the ancient continent of Azshara, as they fight against a new wave of powerful enemy units known as Death Knights.

Players also will have the opportunity to take on the titular Dark Elf, the powerful warlock that rules the ancient world.

Players must use a new Warlord class to fight for their homeland and their faction, the Stormpike, as the player-driven campaign continues.


Age Of Conan: The Curse of Conan is a brand fresh expansion that brings the world back to its roots.

It features the ancient and legendary Conan, a warrior-hero who was the first to conquer and rule over the land of Azhara, and is now the greatest warrior of all.

This massive expansion comes packed with all new content, including brand new maps.

The story of Conan’s rise to power is one that will keep you on your toes as you play this massive expansion.


Age Wars: The War of the Ancients: War of Ages, brings you new maps including a brand and new map.

This time around, players will fight across four distinct eras of Azsanna, each with a unique storyline.

In this expansion, you will face off against the titanic forces of the Black Temple and other powerful organizations, including a new playable race, the Highborne.


Age Warriors: The Siege of Mount Hyjal: The Storm Over Hyjalon brings players into the epic world of Hyjalin.

In Age Warriors, players can fight for control of Hyjeran, the ancient kingdom of Hyja, as it struggles to contain a devastating pandemic.

In addition to the epic gameplay, this expansion adds new features including new heroes and maps, brand new story missions, brand-spanking new content for the War of Hyjas, and brand new campaigns and maps that will be released in the future.


AgeOfChaos: The Great War: The Chaos