How to turn an iPad into a cute book stand

By default, the Apple iPad Pro’s touch screen will only let you browse and access a few dozen books at a time.

But a new app called Stickers has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve to make navigating the app even easier.

You’ll see a new button on the right side of the iPad Pro screen that lets you choose a book to be displayed on the screen.

The first time you press that button, the app launches, and then lets you pick a book from the collection.

From there, you can scroll through the collection in any order you like.

You can even pick the book to display from the selection, which allows you to display the entire book in a single window.

The app also allows you use the left side of your screen as a multitasking page, where you can tap the home button, select another book from your collection, and the app will load the next book.

If you tap on a book, it opens in a new window.

This feature makes the iPad a little less cluttered than the other tablets we’ve used this year, which make it easy to move your books between them without opening a separate app.

We were able to quickly pick out a new favorite book and keep scrolling through it.

If we want to jump back to it quickly, we just tap the new book, and it will open in a fresh new window with the same book selected.

Stickers also lets you easily move between books in a group, making it easy for you to read and find books quickly while also being able to easily switch between books on the fly.

The Stickers app also lets users organize their book collections by subject, title, author, genre, and a number of other important characteristics.

We can’t say we’re a huge fan of the Stickers interface, but it does have a couple of neat features, like letting you switch between your own book and the selection of a book you want to display on your screen.

There’s a shortcut icon at the bottom of the screen, which lets you quickly switch between the book that’s displayed on your iPad Pro and the book you’ve selected on the Sticker.